What Helps – Support for Eating Disorders

What this project aims to do is find out what people living with eating disorders find helpful in terms of treatment and support from health services, therapy, family and friends.

The research on eating disorder support tends to be based on clinical measurements, external, and often visible and easily measurable symptoms, and not on how people themselves feel about the support they have received and the impact it has had on their lives. This project aims to focus exclusively on the experience of those living with, recovering from and recovered from eating disorders, specifically on how they experienced treatment and support and what they found to be most helpful.

To gather these experiences, a survey has been created and can be found here. It is open to anyone who has something to say about the support and treatment they have experienced relating to their eating disorder. Not all questions have to be answered, and it is an anonymous survey. Information that might identify the person answering the survey, services, professionals, family members or friends will be removed or changed. While we cannot guarantee that your experiences won’t be recognised as yours by someone involved, we will be as careful as we can to prevent this.

The reason for the decision to keep everything anonymous is to ensure people feel able to be honest without fear of being treated less favourably by services in future, or hurting family members and friends feelings. Alongside this, people who have a mental illness still face discrimination in society, so it was felt anonymity was important. People who fill in the survey can leave their age and location as it will be useful to know what country people are from and where treatment is written about, whether it was a young people’s service or an adult service. People can also leave their email address to be kept up to date with the project, and so that additional information about their experiences could be gathered in future should that be helpful.

Experiences will be published here as they are collected and regular summary updates will also be posted.

The email address to get in touch with the project team is: whathelpseds@gmail.com




One thought on “What Helps – Support for Eating Disorders

  1. Reblogged this on ..A Rambling Becky.. and commented:
    This is an interesting piece of research that requires lots of people to be involved, so as to ensure the results are relevant to as many people as possible.

    If you have had an eating disorder, or you currently struggling with an eating disorder then please take a few moments to fill this out. If you know someone with an eating disorder then please pass this on to them so that they can put their thoughts down. It’s all anon and no identifying personal information is required.


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